32 Best New Android Games From 1 to 8

1. Burn The Rope

Android Police coverage: Big Blue Bubble’s Popular iOS Game Burn The Rope Makes Its Way To The Android Market
One of the top iOS games has finally made it to Android. Definitely one to look at if you're picky.
Burn the Rope is a challenging game where you try to burn as much rope as you can in each level. There’s a catch! The fire only burns upwards, leaving you to tilt and turn the puzzle to keep your flame alive!
As you progress through the levels, you'll encounter bugs crawling along the rope. Different bugs have different reactions to the flame. For example, the ant changes the color of the flame so you can burn different colored ropes, and the spider shoots out a web bridge so you can access parts of the level that you could not before.
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Burn The Rope
Download Burn The Rope from the Android Market
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2. Gran Prix Story

Android Police review: [Review] Grand Prix Story Adds Some Much-Needed New Features To The "____ Story" Playbook
From the creators of Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story comes Grand Prix Story. Be sure to clear out your schedule, as the game is really addictive.
Try your hand at managing an auto racing team! Become the boss of your own team, training drivers and acquiring sponsors before conquering the Grand Prix! Develop new vehicles and parts, and customize them any way you like! Do you have what it takes to make it to the winner's circle? No knowledge of motorsports is required to play.
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Gran Prix Story
Download Gran Prix Story from the Android Market
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QR code for market://details?id=net.kairosoft.android.paddock_en



3. Galaxy On Fire 2 THD

Android Police coverage: Galaxy On Fire 2 THD Lands In The Android Market, And It’s Free… Somewhat
An absolutely beautiful space game, previously available to Xperia Play owners, is now optimized and available to everyone with a Tegra-powered device. Be warned though - even though it's free to download and install, it actually costs $15 to unlock via an in-app purchase.
• A huge living galaxy with 20+ solar systems and beautifully rendered planets
• 100+ unique 3D space stations and 30+ customizable space ships
• Unique reputation and diplomacy system
• Story-based, mission-based and free gameplay
• Complex trading system with 170+ different commodities of all kinds
• High quality visuals and music, full voice acting (English) and 3D sound
• Action Freeze™: 3D screenshot tool to save screenshots from any perspective and upload them to Facebook™
• Game Centre and OpenFeint integration of leader boards, achievements and saved games
• Full OpenGLES 2.0 Shader support with specular and bump mapping
• Higher resolution textures & triangle count of meshes
• OpenSL Audio support
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Galaxy On Fire 2 THD
Download Galaxy On Fire 2 THD from the Android Market
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QR code for market://details?id=net.fishlabs.GalaxyonFire2THD



4.Glow Hockey 2 (now with multiplayer)

Hands down the best air hockey game on Android, now with multiplayer (on the same device). Really fun and gorgeous, especially on a tablet. Can't beat free. Paid version is available as well here, though I can't tell what features it brings.
Glow Hockey 2 delivers a new style of hockey game. Easy to play, hard to master. Challenge yourself with the computer opponents or play with your friends!
+ Multiplayer (on the same device).
+ 2 table themes.
+ Colorful glow graphics.
+ Smooth and responsive game play.
+ Realistic physics.
+ Quick play mode (single player), challenge yourself with 4 difficulty levels (easy to insane).
+ 4 selectable paddles and pucks.
+ Vibrate when goal.
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Glow Hockey 2 (now with multiplayer)
Download Glow Hockey 2 (now with multiplayer) from the Android Market
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QR code for market://details?id=com.natenai.glowhockey2



5. Age of Zombies

Android Police review: [Review] Age Of Zombies Achieves Impossible: Comes With Virtual Joysticks That Don’t Inspire Suicide
Android Police coverage: Halfbrick Studios’ Age Of Zombies No Longer An Xperia PLAY Exclusive, Now Available For All Android 1.6+ Devices
Another previous Xperia Play exclusive is now available for all 1.6+ devices. Halfbrick, the makers of Fruit Ninja, will not disappoint you.
Barry Steakfries, guns, undead and a zombie T-Rex!
From Halfbrick, the creators of Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash comes their newest and biggest adventure yet! Lock and load through the history of time as a tough-as-nails commando named Barry Steakfries, who is looking at nothing more than to shoot some zombies and make it back in time for a hearty dinner!
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Age of Zombies
Download Age of Zombies from the Android Market
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QR code for market://details?id=com.halfbrick.ageofzombies





6. Orbital Defender Lite

Android Police review: [Review] Orbital Defender Might Just Be The Hardest Android Game You’ve Ever Played
This could very well be one of the hardest games on the Market, alongside Battleballz.
Save The Universe!
2012: Our Solar System is in danger. Your task is to protect it at any cost.
Try it and you will find it highly addictive...
What makes Orbital Defender special is its unique flick-based control system. You can use various weapons by slightly different gestures (Tap, Long touch, Flick, Drag from the planet's surface). The result is a highly playable and fun shoot 'em up that you can play anywhere you take your phone or tablet.
There are 5 levels in this version and 20 levels, a vast amount of enemies, and cool weapons in Full version.
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Orbital Defender Lite
Download Orbital Defender Lite from the Android Market
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QR code for market://details?id=com.addictivezone.odefenderlite1



7.Pax Britannica

Android Police review: [New App Review] Pax Britannica Gives Us One-Button, Competitive Strategy
Pax Britannica is a one-touch real-time strategy game by No Fun Games. Two players battle it out underwater, struggling to be the last one standing!
How to Play
Select your ship to start a battle against the computer. Select two ships to start a local multiplayer battle.
Touching your game area (Left screen for player 1, right screen for player 2) spins the needle on the radial menu in the middle of the player's factory ship. The needle will only travel as far as the player's current resources allow. Resources (gold? seaweed? who knows!) accumulate over time.
Releasing the touch creates a ship that corresponds to the quadrant that the needle is pointing at.
Fighter: Small, fast and cheap. Great at chasing down bombers.
Bomber: Shoots slow projectiles that do massive damage to frigates or enemy factory ships!
Frigate: A great hulk of a ship that fires volleys of heat-seeking torpedoes. Effective against fighters.
Upgrade: Improve your factory ship to accumulate resources more quickly.
Ships you spawn fight automatically using the latest in artificial aquatelligence technology. The player who keeps their factory ship alive wins!
This is a complete rewrite/port of the orginal game available for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux:
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Pax Britannica
Download Pax Britannica from the Android Market
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QR code for market://details?id=de.swagner.paxbritannica



8. VCMI (Heroes of Might and Magic 3 game engine)

Android Police coverage: Heroes Of Might And Magic 3 Comes To Android <INSERT EXTREME EXCITEMENT HERE>
Yup, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, ported to Android (using the VCMI game engine). Unfortunately, the developer temporarily pulled the app from the Market to fix a crash, but I'm including it here anyway for future reference. Update: The game was taken down for about a week to fix some critical crash bugs, but as of 6/22/11, it's back!
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VCMI (Heroes of Might and Magic 3 game engine)
Download VCMI (Heroes of Might and Magic 3 game engine) from the Android Market
Download VCMI (Heroes of Might and Magic 3 game engine) from AppBrain
QR code for market://details?id=eu.vcmi


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