aDownloader (Ad-free) v1.0.4.0 apk

Requirements: ANDROID:1.6 and up
Overview: aDownloader is a native bit torrent (bittorrent) downloader for Android phones.
You may search online torrent and or add torrent from local sdcard.

You may also use aDownloader as a HTTP downloader: In the Android browser, 
long press the link you want to download, select "Share link", and select aDownloader to download.

Crashes on Startup/Unknown error -18 solution:
1. Move all the apps back to phone
2. Put your microSD into a card reader
3. Delete .android_secure folder.
To fix WIFI dropped:
Set Max Connections to a lower number, e.g. 90.

Want more bit torrent search results? Go to the bittorrent websites and download the torrents by
"Share link" using aDownloader.

Enjoy downloading movies/videos/mp3 from the P2P network and the free Internet.(aDownloader 
is NOT designed to download video clips like YouTube, if you want to download video clips/short 
movies, visit the developer's web page: and try Video Downloader.)

Watch out: Downloading will consume your battery power quickly. And tons of data will be transferred; 
WIFI is the recommended network for using this app.

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