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AndroSensor started as a simple showcase of all the sensors your android device has, yet it has become the absolute all-in-one diagnostic tool that lets you know virtually everything about your device's status.

View in a single screen the data from all devices sensors in real time.
- location, location provider, accuracy, altitude and speed
- Google maps to show the above info. Tapping on your location shows your address, postal code and location accuracy (if available)
- accelerometer readings,
- gyroscope readings,
- light sensor value,
- ambient magnetic field values,
- device orientation
- proximity sensor readings
- temperature readings
- battery status, voltage, temperature and health
- sound level meter (decibel)
- If your device supports it, next to the sensor's name, you will see how much power the sensor consumes per hour in mA.

Press MENU to toggle settings, see device info, system log file or a list of sensors that are unavailable for your device.
- Device info gathers as much as it can and prints it out in a simple and easy-to-read view. Mobile signal strength, wifi info, CPU architecture, available and total RAM, internal and external memory, display metrics, OpenGLES version and kernel version are a small part of the information displayed. Clicking on a line copies it's content to clipboard.
- Log view prints out the last 100 lines of the device system log file, as in logcat. Saving or mailing the log will give you access to the full log file. - Androsensor never runs in background, so it does not consume battery while you don't use it.
- Supports Apps2SD.
- Enabled for Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and tablets.

Languages supported: English, Greek, Italian, Russian, Spanish
- All permissions required by the app are explained in app's website
- NO KIND OF DATA is collected. Network permission is required only for the network location service to display and for the ads.
- The website includes explanations about the sensors.
- Total RAM size shown might be lower than device specs since an amount of memory is bound by the android system (usually 96MB or so)
- Due to compatibility issues the Device Info screen is not available on android 1.6 (Donut).
- Some sensors need to be triggered by an event before they get activated. If light or proximity sensor are "Waiting for event " , try throwing some extra light on your device to "wake up" the light sensor, and try moving your hand over your device (without touching it) to "wake up" the proximity sensor.

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View in a single screen the data from all devices sensors in real time. View in a single screen the data from all devices sensors in real time.


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