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A conversational, fully interactive 3D talking and answering animated friend!★★★ A TOP 10 APP ON APPBRAIN ★★★
Back Talk is a fully interactive 3D animated friend that can carry on a full conversation talking and answering! Filled with hilarious animations, hundreds of sound effects, hundreds of jokes, trivia, and advanced recording/playback effects, you’re guaranteed to be entertained! It's like Talking Tom on steroids!
★★ NOTE: Install Text-to-Speech & Voice Recognition or app may Force Close! ★★
Seven Ways to Have Fun with Back Talk
1) Talk / speak / text Izar (carry on full conversations) and hear his funny voice and humorous responses talk back to you!
2) Interact with Izar (touch, squeeze, swipe, hit, poke, punch, twirl, shake)!
3) Record and play your voice & music BACKWARDS & send the clips to your friends!
4) Record and play your funny voice with full pitch and morph adjustment
5) Sing & record your voice with full pitch correction adjustments (autotune-like effect!)
6) Sing & record a duet with Izar in full harmony!
7) Have Izar dance on screen to a random song from your music library.
This free version of Back Talk has been released with less functionality than the full version, so test compatibility with your specific Android device before purchasing the full version. You are still able to see many animations, have conversations with the character, backwards record, test out the autotune-like effect, etc. Please see our website for information on the differences between the Back Talk versions.
1. Talk to Izar
Talk / speak / text / sass Izar like you would a friend and he will intelligently answer back, ask you questions, tell you blonde, Chuck Norris, Yo Mama jokes, etc. Izar understands everything you say and answers back with a 50,000+ phrase vocabulary. Unlike the chat bot (chatbot) of yesterday, Izar intelligently learns and grows smarter the more you and other Earthlings talk to him. You control Izar's voice from a squeaky chipmunk to a scary monster. Turn off the universal translator to hear Izar speak in his own language.
2. Interact with Izar
Izar is fully animated and physically reacts to every touch and gesture. You can poke, pinch, slap, fling, twirl, touch, shake, decompress, activate gravity, etc., but be careful: if you make Izar too angry, he'll simulate breaking your screen or zapping you with his ion pulse gun! Be careful about squishing Izar down as he lets out a dozen funny different alien gassers! Touch Izar's right foot and he'll dance and groove to random songs in your music library.
3. Backwards Recording & Playback
Turn on Reverse Audio Recording and then press Izar's advanced ship recorder to record yourself talking or singing. Your recording will be played backwards. Send your friend a backwards recording to see if they can figure it out (they can decode it with their copy of Back Talk). Record your favorite songs and then play them backwards to listen for secret subliminal messages.
4. Recording Pitch Adjustment
30+ sound presets morph your recording pitch from squeaky high to monster low. Select one of the Mix mode settings and sing. When played back, Izar can harmonize a duet with you.
5. Recording Pitch Correction
Select one of the pitch correction presets and record yourself singing. Your playback will have an auto tune like effect applied, just like T-Pain! Various correction settings allow you to fine tune the key, how strong the effect, how strong to pull to a specific pitch, how smooth the note transitions, etc.
6. Duet Mode
Select one of the Mix mode settings and then record yourself singing or talking. When played back, Izar will harmonize a duet with you. Hear your recordings played back with a chorus effect.
7. Dance Mode
Select the Dance Loop option and then touch Izar's left foot to activate dance mode. Izar will randomly select and play a song from your music library each time you press his left foot. Izar will analyze the song and will synchronize his dance moves to the song's rhythm.
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