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Bebenjoy Farm, enjoyment for your baby, relaxation for you!If you have a baby of 1 to 3 years old, than this is for you ;)
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When we all were kids we liked all kind of things but especially animals. Who didn't liked the sound of horses walking or the cat meow ? (I can remember the annoying rooster in the mornings, when I was in summer on my grandparents farm. I hated it, but it sure tasted good) And then it hit me, I'll make a baby application filled with animals. And to make the experience as pleasant as possible, I made more than a simple application: I added 4 mini games in it, each one different and fun. The minigames are:
1. Explore the world of Farm Animals
Many animals around the farm are eager to show your baby what specific moves and what sounds they make. Tapping on a animal animates it and and plays the sound it makes. Switching back and forth between animals is easy and even your baby can do it. Tapping three times on a animal, makes the switch to the next one. You get animals like Cow, Pig, Duck, Chicken, Cat, Dog and so on. Ah, here is the rooster I was talking about.
2. Guess the animal
After exploring, it's time to see what you're baby has learned. So you get a screen with 4 animals and you hear a sound. What animal makes this sound ? Was it the Cow ? Noooo, Was it the Duck ? Yesss. Applause. Bravo. Now let's guess the next one. Start over and over again with random chosen animals.
3. Hide and Seek
Animals are getting bored and start hiding around the farm. Well, they must be found, no ? Animals appear from behind bushes or rocks and your baby needs to catch them. Did I mention that some are very fast ? Find as many as possible. Oh, I see there the rabbit behind the cottage, gotta go catch it.
4. Catch the sheeps
Sheep went nuts. No matter what the farmer does, they are not pleased and the black ones have convinced every sheep at the farm to try to escape. So all the seeps run across the screen trying to get out trough the gate. Be careful at black ones especially. Ah, I just missed one
I won't make any WoooooooWs on adults, but I'm sure there will be a lot of double WOWs on many children's lips and in the end, this matters the most to a parrent.
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Recent changes:
- Added facebook sharing page. In there you can finally tell everyone what progress your sweet baby has done, how many sheep he cought or how manny animals he guessed. There is also, at the bottom a Like us on facebook button. Don't be shy, press it ;)
- As a sigh of consideration for all the users who downloaded the application, the Sheep game has ads removed ;)
In memory of a beloved Grandfather, Mosu.
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