Small time thugs don't survive these streets!Be a real thug and use wi-fi to download 50MB for faster results!
Small time thugs don't survive these streets!
The streets of Mission Hill are as deadly as it gets. Build up your gang from the toughest bunch of STREET SOLDIERS, ex-cons and wanted crooks roaming the blocks. To survive and thrive in these dangerous neighborhoods you need to TAKE OUT RIVAL GANGS before they get to you first. HUSTLING and dealing, SHOOTING and stealing is the only way to take these streets, earn COLD HARD CASH and OWN THE CITY
*CRAZY 3D SHOOTOUTS AND BATTLES- Equip your gang with deadly weapons and get right into in the action as only one side can survive a deadly shoot out
*OWN THE ENTIRE CITY- Take over the whole city, building by building, block by block, street by street
*BADDEST GANGSTAS ON THE PLANET- Choose from 7 of the most insane Gangstas to form your big time gang
*ARSENAL OF DEADLY FIREARMS- Arm your gang with some of the most lethal weapons on the streets, from handguns and magnums to powerful machine guns
*OPENFEINT ACHIEVEMENTS- Being Big Time doesn't mean anything if your rivals are even bigger. Show them who’s boss by earning Gangsta achievements

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