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Note:Ported from PrBoom, So it can support all kinds of WAD.
This game has demo's data files for you, or you can provide full version wad yourself by
copying them to the doom folder on your SD Card : /sdcard/doom/
Since music files are too big. you should download music files here(for share doom):
or here(for final doom):
unzip it, and put all file in /sdcard/doom/music/
Here are some other data files :
for example you download the, unzip it and put this file in folder /sdcard/doom/
and rename other wad file doom1.wad to some new name like doom1.wad.bak
(or there will be some buggy). then you start the game, press start, choose other version ,
press ok, and you can play it
Touchscreen Control:
press the turn button and left/right button to turn left and right
Keyboard Control:
W,A,S,D : move
Q,E : strafe left and right
J : fire
Space : open door
press menu key to show game menu.
2011-7-7 version 1.9 many people didn't like the change. so change it back
2.add a option. so now you can reposition position of all touchscreen icons
2011-7-5 version 1.8
1.resort the touch screen icon for more playable
2011-6-20 version 1.7
1. Now if you didn't use volume button to control game. it's used to control music volume
2. Now can save and restore the wad file name you input.
2011-6-13 version 1.6
1. fix touch screen control bug. sorry for this bug. this bug can make character keep running . now I fix it.
2. add menu entry to reset to default key binding.
3. Update music name on prboom.cfg file. so now if you have download the doom2_ and play final doom(like tnt doom or plutonia),you can here music
2011-6-10 version 1.5
Now it's support Music!!!,thank you for all you support.because the ogg format music is t
oo big,so i can't put all the music file with the this program. latter i will put the music file
on the internet. you just copy them into /sdcard/doom/music/ directory. and edit the prboom.
cfg fill a little bit.
2011-6-9 version 1.4
change icon and it's positon
2011-5-12 version 1.3
* add option of choosing wad file, Now you can play all kinds of wad file
2011-5-12 version 1.2
1. Support phone button binding. make the game more playable. If your phone has no
keyboard. now you can choose to use the volume button,the search button and so on to control the game.
2. now you can modify the transparent of the icon
keywords:FPS, DOOM, shareware
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