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** Guys who are writing that controls is terrible - can anyone send me email to and explain why? There are tons of comments like "terrible 
controls", but I receive only one email with proposal to use gyroscope or accelerometer **** If something didn't work, please don't hesitate to contact me at **
What is it?
It is old-school 3d shooter, indie game developed by single person (me :)
It didn't use hi-end engine, so it looks more like wolf-3d than quake or even doom.
As side effect, it works on low-end phones pretty fast.
It has big ***y square pixels (*love*)... You should really love pixelart (like me :)
This game use many open-source graphics and sounds, so I will also release game
sources as soon, as I make full version.
This demo contains only 5 levels.
Full version will have 3 or 4 episodes, each episode will contain from 5 to 10 levels.
Should work without problems:
+ Samsung Spica I5700
+ HTC Desire
+ Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro
+ Acer Liquid
+ HTC Legend
+ Galaxy S
+ Motorola Quench XT5
+ Samsung I7500
+ Archos 101 internet tablet
+ Huawei U8230
Should work, but with some problems:
* Motorola Milestone
* LG GT 540
* HTC Wildfire

3d shooter, 3d action, 3d fps.
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