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Welcome to our soccer (football) game! This is the Second version with different control. Please
slide you finger on the screen and stop the coming soccer ( football )! Global top keeper list needs 
you now!Be patient with this soccer ( football ) game. It is designed to be a high-tactic game so that do not be
frustrated by the failure at the beginning! Please carefully read the instructions:
Instructions of this soccer ( football ) game:
The computer will shoot soccers, boots, and bombs in five directions that are indicated by the
green line at the bottom of your screen. You could fling to same direction as the coming soccer.
Then, the soccer is saved by you and you will get 5 mark. If you save the soccers continuously,
you will get the combo marks!!!! If you miss any soccer, the combo reward will be stopped unfortunately
Be aware of the non-soccer things: bombs and boots. The boots will reduce your mark by 20 and
consecutive bombs by 40, 60,...! The bombs will freeze you so that you could do nothing but miss
many many soccers! The more important, if you get any non-soccer thing, your combo of saving
soccers will be interrupted!
Enjoy your soccer ( football ) game!
Hint: When you fling, You must touch the goalkeeper and slide to the soccer's direction.
If the app can't run on your device, please tell us the model, thank you!
Keyword: Soccer; Football; Goal; Keeper; Sports

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