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Free mmog for iPhone/Android.Haypi Kingdom is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). You will be
 a general directing an ancient kingdom in a strategic game - boosting resource production,
 adventuring in extensive wild land, reaping legendary treasures, equipping your troops with
advanced abilities and fighting against enemies - with the ultimate goal of becoming the strongest
kingdom in the ancient world. Your general can get higher title and more advanced attributes as
he joins more and more battles. His attributes will be shared among his troops as well.
You won't play alone. In this massive multiplayer online game you will be able to interact with
thousands of players from all over the world in a competition for fame, power, wealth and glory.
What's more, there are plenty of possibilities to interact with others - Not only offense and defense,
but also trade, alliance, mail system, chat system, etc. Haypi Kingdom will be a rewarding pastime
on your Android.
Enjoy it now!
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