Keyboard Manager app for android

When it comes to landscape keyboards, it'd be hard to top what HTC has going with Sense UI. If it's portrait input you're after, however, Swype is the cream of the crop. So how can you decide? Should you manually change your input method each and every time you switch orientations, or type exclusively in one position? As it turns out, you won't have to partake in either of those practices; downloading Keyboard Manager will suffice.
kb manager kb manager 2
The app's premise is simple: allow consumers to use one keyboard in portrait mode and another when they turn their phone on its side. Execution is good too, as evidenced by all the positive feedback in the Market.
Indeed, just about the only caveat is that several users have reported installation issues on the ATRIX - follow these instructions should you experience such problems.
As always, the QR code and the Market/AppBrain links follow.
Keyboard Manager (root users)
Download Keyboard Manager (root users) from the Android Market
Download Keyboard Manager (root users) from AppBrain
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