Kung Fu Panda Puzzle 1.3.23 App


The Kung Fu Panda Jigsaw Puzzle Game.
Drag the puzzle pieces to the right place in order to recreate the image. Have lot's of fun with the Kung Fu Panda Jigsaw Puzzle game!The Kung Fu Panda Jigsaw Puzzle Game features:
★ 60 Photos / Levels
★ Multiple skill levels
★ Hint system
★ Level selector
★ Set images as wallpaper
★ Custom user-defined pieces, range 2x2(Very Easy) to 9x9(Hardest)
★ Music: Kung Fu Fighting
★ Install to SD card option supported only on Android OS 2.2 and Above
If any of them impinges your rights,please let us know and we will delete them.
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Version Histroy:
Fix a crash bug.
Fix some bugs.
Optimize the sound effects
Optimize memory usage
Fix a few bugs
Support Android OS 2.3.3
Add 12 Pictures
New game mode
Fix some bugs
Fixed a bug that caused a crash when finished the last picture.
Optimize memory usage
Fix a few bugs
Improve UI
Add some pictures
Fix a few bugs

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