Ledgerist v1.1.4 app

Requirements: Android:1.5 and up
Overview: Stop Writing, Start Tapping

If you haven't already left pen and paper behind, it's time to break away from the traditional method of "balancing the checkbook." Writing rapidly across tiny lines in your ledger, crunching the numbers in your head, and holding up other shoppers at the register are all going to be things of the past. Now you can track your finances on your Android device with the simple, intuitive interface of Ledgerist.

To get started, add your accounts and finances to the app. Select whether each account is going to track checking, savings, a credit card, or cash. You can even add comprehensive notes to the accounts and transactions, so you'll never forget those important details again.

Now that you're set up, you can use any of these great features:
-Repeating transactions: Set up recurring transactions and forget about manual input entirely; customize the frequncy of the occurrence, the day of the week, and an end date if you choose
-Multiple currencies: Choose from several currencies, including dollars, euros, kroner, pounds, rupees, and others
-Advanced sorting and filtering: View your accounts the way you want to see them, by account type, name, or balance, in ascending or descending order
-Smart transaction name entry: Save time by selecting from your common transactions
-Backup and restore: Never lose your data again with the ability to save and restore to and from CSV files on your SD card
-Passcode security: Create a four-digit passcode to help secure your information from curious eyes

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