Space Jump 1.2 App



What are you waiting for? Grab Space Jump and start jumping! This is the most addictive
jumping game in Android Market.In this fast paced space jumping game, your goal is to rise as high as possible while
avoiding alien creatures and fire balls. Use the most subtle and accurate tilt controls
in existence to move left or right. Tap on the screen to shoot down monsters and sometimes
you need to jump on top of them to move up.
How to play:
1. Tilt to move left or right
2. Tap screen to shoot
3. Jump on top of the monsters to move up in certain stage
4. Turn on/off the sound in the option screen
Game Features:
- incredible space worlds with beautiful enhanced graphics
- spaceships, rockets and star gates that can make you jump higher
- aliens, fire balls, monsters!
- jump on top of monsters to bring them down
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