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Tower Raiders 2 GOLD features deep, strategic gameplay on 24 unique levels!Small Screen, GIANORMOUS Gamplay!
You can own the game that sets THE standard for strategic gameplay on mobile platforms. As a commander for the human defense force your mission is to defend 20 precious power crystals from would-be raiders. Exercise your wits to conquer 24 unique levels.
* 20+ hours of challenging fun
* Premium gameplay, on the go
* Active forum and facebook community for help and strategies
If you experience an issue, please report it to It is helpful to know:
Your phone model and OS
Which level and wave you were playing
What you were doing when it happened.
CYANOGENMOD OS, CM7, etc. If you run cyanogen on your phone you WILL experience force closes. This is due to a bug in CyanogenMod, not Tower Raiders, and no one to date has provided a viable solution. Several CM7 users report raising the VP Heap size on their phone worked around the issue.
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