Volume Control + 1.34 App



Volume Control PlusVolume Control+ is a volume control app that support
changing control types and colors.
Three kinds of control types
- Volume dial : Feeling of analog device
Buttons : Precise control
Seek bars(sliders) : Quick and easy
※ If you want to know the total volume in dial
control mode, turn your device into horizontal

Volume control
- Media, Ring, Notifications, In-call, alarm, system
Mute and unmute
Vibratemode setting(ring and notification)
Change ringermodes
- Normal, Vibrate, Silent
Change colors
- Red, Blue, Green
(More colors will support in Pro version)
System settings
- Change ringtone
- Use incoming call volume for notifications
Homescreen widget
Lock volume
- 'Lock volume' prevent unwanted changing volume and
(The volume will be fixed in locked state, but this
application can control the volume in lock state)
Volume preset(Profile) features and additional colors are available in Volume Control+ Pro version

※ Screen is optimized for smartphones.
In tablet pc, screen may not be correct.
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