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Advanced antivirus solution for your phone.
BluePoint Security is the world's first Cloud AV + Whitelisting solution for Android devices.
Mobile security solutions tend to be "lite" versions of typical antivirus software that you might find on your computer, lacking vital detection capabilities.
Our solution represents a number of breakthrough technologies. Our ability to offload processing decisions to the cloud and away from the mobile device allows for our Android based security solution to remain a complete security solution, enabling BluePoint to detect millions of threats instead of just a few hundred. There are no definitions or signatures to constantly update, resulting in a rich user experience with vastly superior detection capabilities.
*Version 1 users eligible for a free upgrade, email
Cloud AV + Whitelisting:
• Mobile Security is powered by BluePoint BlueCore engine (the same engine used in our Personal and Enterprise Editions)
• Detects all types of viruses, not just phone viruses
• Real-time protection
• Scheduled scan feature allows you to configure scans which will be run automatically at a specific date/time
• Will not slow down your device or cause excessive battery usage
• Automatically scans email, sms and all other downloads
• Scan memory cards
• Unlimited on demand malware scanning
• Scheduled scan when charging only is an option in BluePoint Pro Edition
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