Played too much Angry birds? Here is a fun new slingshot platformer land on Android. Remember, how the war between Tom and Jerry? In Bouncy Mouse Android game, everything was perfect on Mouse Island until the thievingCaptain Cat stole the Big Cheese! Now your job is to help Bouncy Mouse get the Big Cheese back and restore peace to the world.
Use elastic tail of mouse to shoot, sling, and fly, avoid Spiky Bees, grab on to magic pegs, bounce off of Bumper Birds, and eat as much cheese as you can. It’s an epic adventure for all Mouse-kind! The game features 30 beautiful levels in three exciting worlds, also you can get rid out of ad with in-app purchase.
Bouncy Mouse Android game was developed by Munkadoo Games LLC
Package name: com.munkadoo.bouncymouse.apk
File size: 13MB
Download Bouncy Mouse Android Game:
Bouncy Mouse is a Free Android Game. To Download Bouncy Mouse head to Android Market link or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.