Requirements: for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD
Overview: They might call you an enforcer, or an assassin. Call it what you like - you're a CONTRACT KILLER.

Pulled into a world of bounty hunters, mobsters and criminals, you must check in with your contacts and accept SECRET MISSIONS that only you can handle. Select your WEAPON OF CHOICE from an inventory of sniper rifles, assault rifles and machine guns. Locate your target, zoom in, take aim and GO FOR THE HEADSHOT to earn cold hard cash. You might eliminate a crime boss and escape without being spotted, or you might walk straight into an AMBUSH...

* WELCOME TO CENTRAL CITY – Prepare for your mission and then jump into one of many vantage points within 5 gritty 3D locations

* UNLIMITED MISSIONS – 17 Story Missions and unlimited Random Missions provide cash, XP and lots of action

*DEADLY WEAPONS - 20 distinct weapons including handguns, sniper rifles, machine guns and assault rifles

*ALIVE OR DEAD – Use the Tranquilizer Gun to capture your target or put them down... permanently

What's in this version:
NEW LOCATION - solve the mystery at the GATEWAY BRIDGE
ADD FACEBOOK FRIENDS – send gifts or take aim
TARGET YOUR FRIENDS - select that special friend and put them in your crosshairs
Equip ARMOR to absorb additional damage without losing health
Take REACTIX to overclock your brain speed and go into SLOW MOTION
SPREAD THE HURT - Improved Shotguns hit multiple enemies
NEW DAILY BONUSES – Come back 5 days in a row for BIG rewards!
LEVEL UP! – level cap increased to 40
Additional tuning and fixes

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