Controls the Speed and Behavior of Your Phone's Processor

SetCPU has been, is still, and will probably be for quite some time the de facto tool for controlling a rooted Android phone's processor speed. SetCPU allows the user to exert total control over how fast, or slow, the processor runs at any given point in time. As an example, SetCPU can force the processor to sit at its lowest setting whenever the screen is turned off, but to use a range between 240MHz and 806MHz as needed while the phone is awake. For phones that have the ability to drastically overclock, SetCPU can help ensure that they don't overheat by keeping watch on the temperature, and acting accordingly. Overclocking or not, battery savings and overall performance can be greatly enhanced using this app.

SetCPU for Android was developed by:  MichaelHuang 
File size: 225KB  
Price: $1.99 (about Rs.89.28) 

Requires Android: 1.6 and Up  
Download SetCPU Android Application v2.1.4:
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