Cosmonauts v1.00a [Market] (1.00a) Android Apk Game

Cosmonauts 1.00a [Market]
Requirements: for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD
Overview: Take part in the comical escapades of a cold-war superpower’s attempt at galactic domination! Or challenge your friends to epic space battles featuring unique spaceships and devastating weapons!

Key features of Cosmonauts include:

•Single-Player Campaign and Multiplayer Modes: Players can practice kill shots, build experience and unlock collectibles in the single-player campaign, then compete online against friends and other players by using a mobile data connection in the Multiplayer mode

•Turn-based Space Combat: There are no comrades in space. Players are pitted against each other in an arena filled with power-ups, space debris, mines, asteroids and gravity wells

•Collectible Items: Get the extra edge in combat with power-ups, ranging from common to legendary, unlockable by winning space battles

•Free to Download: Cosmonauts is free to download with premium content, including additional weapons, characters, spaceships, paint jobs and single-player campaign available for in-game purchase

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