Hidden Lock Pro 1.8.1 (v1.8.1) Android Apk App

Hidden Lock Pro v1.8.1
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Hidden Lock is the perfect lockscreen for your Android device. Easy and simple, Hidden Lock adds an additional security has it locks your device by turning off touch screen and menu shortcuts. No password, no special codes, no patterns!!!
How it works… ? Well, install it and see how secure and friendly it is !
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1. Start Hidden Lock service
2. Move around the lock/unlock icon anywhere on your screen.
3. Use the progress bar to change the icon size.
4. Press FINISH !
5. Your are done! (Remember the unlock icon position when you’ll come back from the Android lock-screen)
*Enable/Disable default system lock : If you remove system lock, the trackball and volume keys (not all phones) can be used to wake your device from the lock-screen mode. Disabling system lock may not work properly on some phones : Security policies forces lock-screen pin or password.
*Hidden Lock widget option.
*Hidden Lock on boot option.
*Long press on search key to activate “Hidden Lock”
* Active “Hidden Lock” after
-30 sec.
-1 min
-5 min
-10 min
-15 min
Many Lockscreen :
- None : No lockscreen if you disable the default system lock.
- Hidden Lock : Only remember the unlock icon position to unlock your device.
- Hidden PIN : Only enter you PIN to unlock your device.
What’s in this version:
- Fix Hidden Shake bugs.
- Add new lockscreen HiddenShake (Shake your device to unlock)
- Add lock / unlock action on alarm alert.
- Add lock action On device startup.
- Add an option to disable vibration on unlock icon.
- Add an option to change the vibration duration.
- Fix the disable lockscreen method when reboot.
- Fix the disable lockscreen method when using turn off option.
- Fix Haptic feedback with Hidden Pin
- Italian translate by [Icilio] Thank you !
Provided by: -Market Militia-


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