ILLUSIA v1.0.2

ILLUSIA v1.0.2
Requirements: Android OS 2.0 +
Overview: The makers of ZENONIA hit daylong to a newborn lateral scrolling casual action RPG containing every the set elements of tralatitious persona activity games presented in visually appealing anime style graphics.
Explore a Legendary Land
Created by the makers of ZENONIA, ILLUSIA harkens backwards to the heyday of the enthusiastic old-school RPGs much as Might and Magic, Bard’s Tale, and Ultima. ILLUSIA is a side-scrolling RPG containing every the set elements of tralatitious persona activity with anime-style graphics. Explore the world finished quests, better your gear, and unsnarl the secrets behind the occult shape of ILLUSIA.
A Tower of Mysteries
A daylong instance ago, a bolt of reddened came crashing downbound from the skies above Aztaran. A strange, Stygian shape appeared, and no digit could fanthom its purpose or even how to start it. This shape awaits a colorful warrior and illusionist to unlock its secrets. But within the tower’s walls lurks a terrible grievous that threatens the pact of the land. A Death Knight raises a patron of noxious monsters to bring horror and emotion to the land. Now more than ever, Aztaran needs a hero.
Get in Gear
ILLUSIA has every the enthusiastic features you’d wait a top-notch fantasy RPG. Choose between 14 assorted affiliates of the plane and illusionist classes, apiece with active, passive, and flush skills. Transform your character’s attendance as you continuously raise your weapons and armor. Journey finished the heptad fantastic worlds of ILLUSIA, battling grievous and interacting with a patron of adjuvant and dangerous NPCs. You’ll hit plentitude of lateral quests to fit on your way heroic immortality.
Hack and Slash
You control your hero with an illogical directional pad, with jump and move buttons. You’ll presently discover special moves that crapper rattling wreak disturbance against your enemies. ILLUSIA also gives you the choice of activity in Rush Mode challenges, where you crapper make your hero an even mightier foe. Do you hit what it takes to annihilate grievous and preserves the realty of Aztaran?
Product Features
Explore the 7 worlds of ILLUSIA
Play a plane or illusionist with 14 assorted class affiliates
Transform the attendance of your hero with newborn gear
Play Mission and Rush mettlesome modes
Immerse yourself in hours of persona playing
What’s newborn in version 1.0.2
Minor fault fixes.
Corrected picture and display.
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