Keyboard from Android

Keyboard from Android 2.3 + v1.0.15.2
Requirements: ANDROID:2.2 and up
Overview: This paid version is not a repack of stock gingerbread keyboard.

# Hold space key and swipe up / down to toggle cursor keys.
# How to use this keyboard:
1. Enable it in the "Settings / Language & keyboard / Gingerbread Keyboard"
2. Find a text input (mail app or message app), long press the text view.
3. When the popup comes up, select "Input method" and choose gingerbread keyboard.

* How to install optional dictionaries: Go to "Gingerbread Keyboard Settings" / "Input languages", select (re-select) the language you want. You can also download the language pack from the Android Market also.

* Hold space key and swipe up / down to toggle cursor keys.

There are added features that I worked night and day. so stop leaving comments on Appbrain like you can get it free from XDA or other sources..

There is also a free version that I made which worked like the stock gingerbread keyboard with some issues fixed for Droid 2, HTC devices, and Galaxy S devices.

# For Galaxy S / Tab Users, Vibration (HapticFeedback) = "Vibrate on keypress" enabled and "Custom vibration intensity" set to "Normal" (In keyboard settings and advanced setting).

# For keyboard size and padding adjustment, please go to
"Gingerbread Keyboard Settings > Advanced Settings > Custom keyboard layout" to set your favorite keyboard metrics.
To adjust landscape keyboard metrics, just rotate your phone in landscape and set your custom value.
Remember to click save to apply new setting before you leave setting screen (or rotate your phone) and enjoy the new keyboard layout!

Features (stock gingerbread keyboard):
1. Multitouch keyboard
2. User dictionary, built-in dictionary
3. Auto correction
4. Redesigned and optimized keyboard layout and style
5. Speech to text

Added features
1. 6 Keyboard themes
2. Custom vibrator intensity
3. Custom key height, text size, row gap, bottom adjustment.
4. Long press "Enter" key to bring up smiley alternatives.
5. Options to hide period and comma key.
6. Split main keyboard app and dictionaries.
7. Custom Keytap volume
8. Cursor Keys

Fix long press e, 3 may not be the first choice issue

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