LauncherPro BNW Widget Skins

LauncherPro BNW Widget Skins v1.2
Requirements: ANDROID:2.1 and up
Overview: LauncherPro Plus Widget Skins

This is a "Widget Skin" pack for LPP (LauncherPro Plus). The skins are designed in Black-N-White (BNW). All widgets have been skinned. There are some elements of the widgets which are not currently changeable via the "Theme Engine" of LPP. Please take this into consideration before concluding that some items were not skinned properly.

To use these skins you must first have LPP v0.8.5 and have purchased either the market unlocker or via paypal. This only skins the widgets available in LPP, it does not "theme" anything else.

After installation, select menu > preferences > LP Widget Settings > LP widget such as "People Widget" > Select Skin > BNW LPP Widgets. Restart LPP or replace your existing widget to see the new skin.

Changed app icon.

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