LauncherPro Plus s23 BLURPS apk

LauncherPro Plus s23 BLURPS v1.0
Requirements: Android OS 2.1 - 2.3
Overview: From XDA-DEVELOPERS - signals23 LauncherPro Plus Widget Themes


This application will theme ALL LauncherPro Plus widgets to look like the images below. To see more upcoming themes, visit:
This application will only work with the pro version of LauncherPro Plus with theme engine. You can download that application here:
- ALL 9 LauncherPro Plus widgets are themed via this application.
- You still need to purchase the Market unlocker for LauncherPro to gain access to the widgets. The unlocker can be found here:
- This will work if you have purchased the Paypal version of LauncherPro, as long as you install the beta application mentioned above.
- Install this application, then go to LauncherPro Preferences->LP Widget Settings->Select the widget you want to theme->Select Skin->signals23-BLURPS-BLUE. Backout and restart LauncherPro to see the changes.

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