Official Blapkmarket App vBETA apk for android

Overview: The Official NEW BETA Mobile App for Blapkmarket

After half a year of development, it's finally there! We're still trying to improve overall user experience on blapkmarket and we were aware of the fact, that our aptoide-based application is a piece of trash. And because of that we made up new application, rewritten from a scratch. First, this application will be available for donators only until it reaches stable version (so you can register and donate). Afterwards, we will open it to everyone. But still, new features will be marked as beta and available for donators only.

As it's only a beta, there might be some bugs we didn't find yet. So please be patient and report any bugs you'll find using the report feature inside the application. Thank you!

Provided by: Blapkmarket Team

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You must have Donated or Donate in order to participate in the Beta.



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