Parking Mania v1.1 Apk Android

Requirements: Android 1.5 and up
Overview: Whoever already has a driving license, or try to get one should try this game.
(When installing the game, it says the app maybe will cost you money and send sms. Just ignore this, it's the technical issue, we assure this game is totally free with no in-app-purchase. )

New version updated with openfeint features makes the game more addictive.
Wonderful parking game, you can find all realistic factors in driving: the panels, steering wheel, parking space...

Game Play:
On left bottom of screen, there are two panels: press left panel to control car move forward, press right panel to control car move backward. Tilt the steering wheel on right bottom of screen to control car direction. “Parking Space” is marked by yellow on the screen, player needs to drive your car into the parking space. There is a time limit 120 seconds for each level, you would get more scores if use less time. And if car orientation is same as arrow on the ground, you would also get more scores. The car would bear two slightly impact, completeness of the car also effects the score you get.

The game purpose is not beating through as many levels as possible, but managing the parking skills. Finish parking more swift, do not crash then you will get better scores.
If you are good enough, you can rule all the leaderboards.
Grand Parking Master achievement needs 2490 total score, that's very challenging, see if 2490 is your limit.

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