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Fix music tags.

auto fix missing album covers and lyrics.* Fix your music library, on your phone.

* Edit Id3 tags in MP3, OGG, FLAC, AAC, MP4, M4A and WMA audio files.

* Auto fetch missing album covers.

* Search and save album covers/art from Google images (finds images for rare albums).

* Add album covers from sdcard.

* Batch tagging.

* Rename files from id3 tag fields.

* Saves to both file and android media database.

* Audio playback (not FLAC or WMA audio).

* App2sd (store app on SD card)

* Supports MP3 ID3v1,ID3v11, ID3v2.2, v2.3 and v2.4 transparently, saves in v2.4.

* Browse by album, artist, song, file system.

* Search by id3 fields.

* id3 tag fields include: artist, title, album, genre, comment, track, composer, lyrics, year.

* Search and download song lyrics and save to id3 tag.

* Search lyrics (artist & title and from text in lyrics)

* All lyrics searches are across multiple lyrics web services

* Auto fetch missing lyrics

* Japanese (日本) language support

* Korean (한국어) language support

* German (Deutsch) language support

* Russian (Россию) language support


* The app needs the permission READ_PHONE_STATE.

So that the music player can pause during a phone call.

* Saves to both file id3 tag and Android music player database.

* The android music player only uses 1 album cover per album. Save one file in an album and the music player will show that album cover for all the tracks in the album.

* The missing album cover search selects the first result, if it is wrong you need to change it manually by clicking on the song.

* Ads supported.

* Does not edit mp4 video files.

Any errors please submit an error report.

If any of the translations are incorrect please let me know.

Suggestions or not working properly on your phone? Send me an email or write on my blog. The blog also has FAQ, a bugs list and an enhancement requests list http://jamespickup.blogspot.com/

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