Remote VNC Pro .

Remote VNC Pro v2.0
Requirements: for all Android versions, supports App2SD
Overview: The only client which supports full pc keyboard and mouse!

VNC(not RDP) client to control you computer from anywhere.
share same smart UI with Remote RDP(another app).
connect to any Winows, Linux, Macs with VNC server installed.

Turn off Clipboard support if you have update or input issues on Mac OS.
Turn off Request cursor updates if you have cursor related issue.

See for more info

Recent changes:

1. Map Back key to Esc on PC keyboard.
2. Disable long press on PC mouse.
3. Fixed a NullPointer error.
4. Page UP/DOW key support.
5. Added Japanese translation.
6. UltraVNC MS Logon support(Experimental).

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