Roman Empire

Roman Empire is a free massively multiplayer strategy game mmo . It takes only 3 minutes to learn, and is extremely fun!

Slaves' riot led by Spartacus broke out and ravaged throughout the Roman Empire. Senatus sent the legendary general Caesar to suppress the rebellion, but the shadow of suspicion stirred situation, and the new flame of war ignited and raging over the country. You must pick a side in this troubled time, build up your own city, recruit an undefeatable army of veteran soldiers and celebrated generals, and bring peace again to this ancient land.

Presented in fantastic graphics, Roman Empire is a historical multiplayer war game you can enjoy in its depth of strategies, abundant elementals of units, equipments, and historical celebrities.

- User friendly guidance helping you learn the game in extremely short time.
- Thrilling and interesting historical quests.
- Fantastic graphics restoring the original history.
- Regular updates totally free of charge.
- Fighting with thousands of players!
- Siding with Spartacus, Senatus, or Caesar, and leading their unique units and heroes.
- Deep strategy including constructions, researches, troop training, equipment forging, etc.
- Uniting your friends to form a great alliance legion!
- Live chat with many channels making full interaction and communication!

Roman Empire Screenshots

Roman Empire is a free massively multiplayer strategy game mmo .DownloadRoman Empire free for your Android phone


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