SanDisk Memory Zone v1.1.10 apk

Requirements: Android 2.2
Overview: The control panel memory management puts everything into his hands.

SanDisk memory area offers more memory management functionality that no other application for the Android ™ Phone.

SanDisk memory area offers all the control. Manage and back up both in its local memory and in the cloud with a free application. Move files to and from your memory card to select services in the cloud or from cloud to the telephone.

Improve the performance of your phone in seconds from the files of the phone's internal memory to memory card.

SanDisk memory area not only allows you to transfer and backup of files, also lets you protect by a password protection feature. Rest easy knowing your videos, photos, music and other files are not only available but are only available to you.

Get a storage connectivity integrated seamlessly between phone memory card and files in the cloud. It has never been so easy to enjoy, manage, share and protect their digital assets.

Unlike the utilities folder structures complicated and difficult to navigate, the SanDisk memory area has an intuitive user interface and graphics that lets you work very quickly.

Designed by the global leader in flash memory cards, SanDisk memory area lets you view your memory usage by type and size of content.

SanDisk Memory Area Nothing like it.

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