Smaart-Friend-Finder (SFF) is a social lifestyle app to find friends & family currently in your proximity and view their location on your smartphone map.
Smaart-Friend-Finder lets you…

Friend Locator

- Find friends in your proximity!
- Locate nearby family!
- Display their location on your smartphone’s map!
- Login to facebook directly and keep it updated.
- Find people who want to meet people like you.

Show-up! Meet-up! Hook-up!

It’s a fun new way to find your friends and discover new ones.

Keeping the smartphone family connected… and on the map.

Be a BFF finder with SFF. (BFF = Best Friend Forever)

Requires Android Version 2.1 or higher. To find each other, you must all be running SFF, so invite your friends.

On 12th September SmaartMobileTec™ Inc. launches Smaart-Friend-Finder™ version for Symbian. Avail in English, and soon Spanish, Korean, Chinese, French, Russian, and many other languages.

Enjoy it