Swype v2.71.76.23150 Multi Language apk

Swype v2.71.76.23150 Multi Language
Requirements: ANDROID:2.1 and up
Overview: The Swype team released a new round of improvements to their keyboard replacement software this evening. With this update, users can expect improvements to the "traditional" way of typing, as the correction engine that is used in the Swype method has been applied there as well.

Ripped from Motorola Atrix 4G ROM 2.3.4 update. Supported Languages:
Spanish,EnglishUS,Italian,PortugueseBR,FrenchCA,Ge rman

Swype_MULTI_qHD_2.71.76.23150-signed.apk (4.25 MB)

Swype_MULTI_WVGA_2.71.76.23150-signed.apk (4.72 MB)

--- Update ---

v3.25 is the latest BETA version
v3.23 is OEM version from Samsung Galaxy S2 (EU Regional Languages supported)
v3.21 is OEM version from HTC EVO 3D (USA Regional Languages supported)
v2.71 is OEM version from Motorola Atrix 4G (Canadian Regional Languages supported)


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