twicca v0.9.13b-RC2 (0.9.13b-RC2) Android Apk App

twicca 0.9.13b-RC2
Requirements: all Android versions
Overview: twicca is twitter Client for Android™.
After update to 0.9.4f, Please re-authenticate for DM Access.
twicca is twitter Client for Android™.
* Notification
* Auto pager
* Search
* Post with photo/video upload(yfrog)
* Shorten URL
* Geo tagging
* Saved searches
* Recent hashtags
* Reply history
* Lists
* Retweet
* Color label
* Managing twitter profile
* Trending topics
* Local trends
* Extending function by plug-in
* Widget
* Uploading profile icon
* Report for spam
* Block user
* Image Preview
* Geotagging with map preview
* Tweet filtering(Mute)
Experimental features:
* Multiple account support.
* Launch from status bar
* twitpic video preview
* New line
twicca is looking for supporters for the future development and maintenance. For more information, menu -> more -> twicca supporters.
* Career settlement may not work.
* If you install to external storage, you might not be able to use some features.
* Launcher icon and notification icon was changed to follow Twitter trademark guideline. –
* If widget is something wrong, please delete it and put new widget to home again.
Twitter: @twicca_en
Recent changes:
Support link(without search timeline.)(v0.9.13)
Support for image preview.(v0.9.13)
Some issues were fixed.(v0.9.13, v0.9.13a, v0.9.13b)
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Latest version: 0.9.13b-RC2 (for all Android versions, supports App2SD)
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