UC Browser v7.7.0.85 Unofficial English Apk for Android

Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: UC Browser is a Web and WAP browser with fast speed and stable performance. With fast connection, leading compression and powerful download, you can use the browser in many ways. It also provides comfortable features for your browsing, such as the featured site navigation, easy preference, pre-load, night mode and share!

About: UC Browser 7.7 version released for Android platform you, make your mobile phone life more colorful, more efficient use of mobile Internet, toe enjoy the experience rush to download it.
UC Browser technology was developed by UC Mobiles Ltd as a superior mobile browser to support WEB, WAP page views, fast and stable, with video playback, navigation, search, downloads , personal data management capabilities, and lots more. You can use UC Browser with wireless Internet in your pocket and enjoy high quality mobile surfing any time.

~Fast Switching No Image mode
~Click on the menu - set to quickly select a chart / No Image mode, there are plans / no plans from your master, God of horse traffic are a cloud!

Function Optimization:
~Optimization of the screen rotation
~Perfect Rotate "Prison Break"! In any case, click on the menu - Settings - horizontal screen can achieve the cross-screen display, free from the impact of mobile phone system set up, cool it!
~Exit speed optimization
~Exit greatly enhance the response speed, without waiting, ie the back is cool!
~Optimization of full-screen mode
~Full greater vision can be realized only about planning screen forward and back, think outside the box a key without leaving traces, browsing the Web immense!

Tips For Full English Page Browsing:
Though its based on Chinese server but its fully support all sites blocked in China. Means you can browser any web page just like PC. You just need to change view mode to Zoom Mode (last one). You can change it from Menu-Settings - Page Mode- Zoom Mode (3rd option). In this, it'll work on directly connection, no page will redirected to Chinese language and give full English page.

Download: Uc Browser For Small Screen (Android Small Screen 320*240 or 400*240 Resolution)


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