Ultimate Star Wars Blaster v0.98 Apk Android

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: Ultimate Star Wars Blaster
The most detailed blaster simulation on market that brings you many ranged weapons from star wars!
Must have for StarWars fans along with lightsaber!

Stormtroopers weapon - E11 Blaster Rifle in your hands!
+ Thermal Detonator
+ A280 Blaster Rifle
+ Bowcaster
+ DL-44 - Han Solo's Heavy Blaster Pistol
+ Clone Troopers Blaster Rifle - DC-15A
+ Tusken Rifle
+ DC-15S Blaster Rifle
+ Defender sporting blaster pistol
+ Westar-34 Blaster
More weapons coming soon!

- Famous E11, A280, DC-15A & DC-15S Blaster Rifles
- Wookie Bowcaster & Tusken Rifle
- DL-44, Defender Sporting & Westar-34 Blaster Pistol
- Thermal Detonator
- Great sound effects for all actions!
- Touch and accelerometer control!
- Customizable vibration feedback.
- Energy bar, reloading energy cells, different clip capacities
- Semi and full Auto firing mode
- Stun Mode for E11 ( "There's one! Set for stun! ;) )

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