Warheads v3.0.0 Game apk

Warheads v3.0.0
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Missile Command remains one of the all-time great arcade games, and now you can relive the frantic pace of this arcade classic with Warheads. This game places you in the middle of an intense battlefield where your survival depends on quick reactions and shooting skills. Create brilliant displays of fireworks by ing warheads before they decimate your bases.

Warheads Keep Fallin' on My Head
The gameplay is simple but maddening. Blow up incoming missiles by tapping where you want your intercepting missile to detonate. Hitting warheads that are close to each other sets off a chain reaction of explosions that quickly clears out remaining warheads. Sounds easy enough, but the incoming warheads just keep coming, and in greater numbers.

Warheads creates a virtual 3D view of the battlefield. As warheads rain down upon your moon base, your point of view swings around as you defend each sector.

Be sure to hit the important bonus crates that are floating down by parachute. These crates include Ammo (extra missiles), Points (bonus points), Buster (larger explosions for your missiles), and the mighty Nuke (destroys all incoming warheads).

Missile Command, Android Style
View beautiful graphics set to a dramatic score as you protect your base in this chaotic world. Earn achievements and compete with your friends for high scores on worldwide leaderboards brought to you by OpenFeint. Thrill to this souped-up version of an old-school classic, and see if you're fast enough to prevent nuclear annihilation.

Product Features
Destroy missiles and set off chain explosions
Tap to shoot your missiles and rack up points
Hit bonus crates delivered via parachute
Defend your 3D moon base with the rotating point-of-view
Compete with others around the world through OpenFeint

What's new in version 3.0.0
Compete with your friends for high score with new Facebook support

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