The Boobs Lab 3D Adult

By: private
Category: Entertainment
Released: April 12, 2011
Version 2.0
299 Gold
New in Version 2.0: More Realism, improved Interaction- and Simulation-Model!

Tired of all the bad image-based boob wobbling, bouncing and shaking apps?

Then here are the good news:
The Boobs Lab 3D is the best Boobs-Simulator you'll come across. Our homage to the womans breast performs a 3D-physics-based simulation on arbitrary images. Thus,
we achieve the highest realism you've had ever seen.

Additionally, you got full access to all physical parameters. Hence, you may define the size, shape and behavior of your choice. So get the breasts of your favourite sexy girls in your pocket and start interacting.

Since this program is about animation, check out the video demonstrating our technique in practise.
Have Fun...

This version features:
- No ads
- 3D physics (visualized with OpenGl)
- Full access to all physical parameters
- Image-import from different resources
- Load/save files
- Access to the boobs-lab-publishing-server (browse other peoples art-work)
- Access to any arbitrary extern server (you may set up your own server)
- Interaction via touchscreen or mobile-movements
- Sharing with friends
- Lighting menu
- Auto-rotation menu
- Easy mode/scientific mode
- Boob-selection mode
- 11 music patterns
- 40 sounds

... for the price of less than a cup of coffee.



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