Call Guard Block Calls/SMS 2.6.1 CyberAndroid

Call Guard (Block Calls/SMS) 2.6.1 CyberAndroid Overview: disposition Guard is the most affordable, modern and feature flush call and sms interference app on the market! Guaranteed!
Requirements: Android 2.1+
On some devices reportable by our users an app titled Caller ID or City ID (Verizon preloaded) strength separate into offend with disposition Guard. Please alter this app or some another app that strength center for inbound calls (if in doubt).
With disposition Guard you crapper country inbound calls/sms (text messages) or outward calls.
Now with Full Pick up/Hang up mode(no voicemail,no notifications) hold for every versions, (2.3 Gingerbread included)!The only app on the mart which leaves no traces of the call, modify on Gingerbread. All another supported OS versions impact 100% as well!
Call Guard is the most affordable, modern and feature flush call and sms interference app on the market! Guaranteed!
Don’t clear a monthly gift to hit your wireless bourgeois enable call interference for you, with our small app you clear digit instance and receive the best app on the mart for interference call/sms!
✔ Stealth fashion – conceal the covering icon, nobody module undergo the app is installed
✔ Three auto modes of operation – modify call (will beam to vocalise mail if VM enabled or busy communication if no VM enabled), garner up/hang up fashion (no voicemail, no busy signal, module LITERALLY PICK UP and then HANG UP) or soft (discret interference without the another party lettered that they are existence blocked, double ordered to mute) either via separate or general settings.
✔ Block every calls, country unseeable numbers, country calls from callers not in your occurrence list. Add albescent and black lists. Delete closed calls from the log.
✔ Block outward calls – every outgoing, every from your occurrence list, every not in your occurrence list, country outward based on a black list. Ideal if you leave your figure unattended, give it to someone added or hit kids and do not poverty them to ingest your sound for outward calls.
✔ Block drawing by template (0180,0181etc.)
✔ Password endorsement for the app low settings, useful when you country outward calls.
✔ Block every inbound SMS (text messages), country unknown drawing or add a albescent or black itemize for SMS. No traces/logs are existence mitt of closed SMS/text messages in another messaging apps.
✔ Block SMS containing book (comma distributed itemize of keywords)
✔ Use general settings or add filters for a limited day and/or time.
✔ Filters could be tailored by days of the week, instance of the day (start/end hour) and you crapper also take if the calls in the separate should be soft or dropped (send to voicemail or garner up/hang up, no voicemail).
✔ Reply with a predefined SMS for every the closed inbound Calls or Text Messages (filter or general settings).
✔ Delete call index entry for closed calls.
✔ Home Screen widget (On/Off toggle)
✔ Notification icon
✔ Customizable Notification for the uncomprehensible calls (you crapper ingest a custom book like "update available" to conceal the fact that a destined call/sms was blocked. (stealth and concealed closed sms and calls)
✔ Keep an in app story for every closed calls and book messages.
✔ Easy accesible statistics exclusive the app for every closed events.
✔ Notification system for closed calls/sms – normal notification, sound notification, led and vibration.
✔ Operational Manual and candid occurrence modify for suggestions or questions.
Before contacting us:
– Make trusty you hit READ THE MANUAL.
– If you still hit questions, ingest the modify exclusive the app, allow your figure aggregation (click yes) and add a screenshot of the filters/settings page or detailed explanation of the ordered up.
Emails in the form: "It’s not working" module be ignored,
– LG Optimus 2.2 is not supported
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Recent changes:
Please move and enable the app after each update!
– Opt-out save index (no index of closed events)
– opt discover of Saving reply SMS
– Single asking choice (under settings)
– Pick up/Hang up hold for 2.3.x! No voicemail!
– General Calls/SMS Negroid and White lists
– General outward Calls Negroid and White lists
– enhanced interference algorithm (without first ring)
– Block Incoming/Outgoing containing digits (comma distributed multi list)



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