Enhanced SMS & Caller ID v1.99.11.5 ( Android Apk App

Enhanced SMS & Caller ID
Requirements: Android 2.0.1+
Overview: Have your Gmail, K9 mail, Calendar events, SMS & Incoming Calls read to YOU!


Provides voice notifications for incoming callers, incoming SMS messages, new Gmail messages, new K9 messages and
event reminders from your Google Calendar.

* Talking caller id (once or loop).
* Reads your incoming SMS messages (Shake to stop reading).
* Reads your incoming MMS messages.
* Reads your messages a configurable number of times.
* Can be configured to only read SMS senders' name or nickname if sender is in your contacts.
* Screen SMS messages from senders that are not in your contacts.
* Screen SMS messages on a per contact basis.
* Can be configured to reads the incoming callers name, nickname or number. Nickname feature requires the caller be a saved Google contact.
* Obeys your ringer settings! Silent ringer disables voice notifications. Ignoring an incoming call also disables the voice notifications.
* Caller ID notifications over call waiting.
* Notifications for the message waiting indicator.
* Gmail notifications (Name only, snippet or name & subject [default]).
* K9 Mail notifications (Name only, snippet or name & subject [default]).
* Google Calendar event reminder notifications (new feature; please let me know what you would like it to do).
* Screen unknown and/or private callers. Unknown callers are those callers not in your contacts, while private callers are callers that block their phone numbers.
* Toggle voice notifications on a per contact basis (and optionally mute the ringer).
* English/Spanish/Czech/German/Swedish/Russian/Italian/Polish/Hungarian/Dutch localization.
* Can start on phone power on.
* Shake to silence talking caller ID (and optionally ringer) when you are not using a headset.
* Streams through a wired or wireless headset (Bluetooth headsets require A2DP compatibility, other Bluetooth headsets will not work. Not all A2DP headsets work with the caller ID feature; sorry).
* SMS dictionary for you store your abbreviated words and their longer meanings to make reading SMS messages less cryptic.
* Automatically pauses most media players when notifying you of messages.
* Home screen widget for quick enable/disable of Caller, SMS, calendar, K9 and Gmail notifications.
* Easily save and load your settings.
* Locale, Tasker & Probeez plugins.
* Quiet time feature! Set a time interval where the phone should not provide spoken notifications.
* Lots of other configuration options for you to play with.

Text-to-Speech (TTS) requires Android 2.0+ and the ability to read names from incoming callers.

What's in this version:
-GMAIL Problems? http://goo.gl/PXCEy
-Enhancement: dictionary updated and allows case sensitive word mapping.
-Enhancement: Ability to filter email and have spoken notifications for only those senders you specify.
-Fix: When setting the language to Dutch, nothing would happen.
-Added the ability to check if the user has TTS voice data installed.
-Please contact me with any concerns, problems, or feature requests and don't forget to rate the app if you like it!



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