Pacific Navy Fighter v2.3.8

Pacific Navy Fighter v2.3.8
Requirements: Android OS 2.1+
Overview: Dynamic aircraft traveler based fighter combat and onslaught in WW2 pacific.

Pacific Navy Fighter puts you in control of a traveler based aircaft (Corsair or Zero).
Fight the anti forces finished various impulsive missions defending your humble aircraft traveler and conquering Islands.
The enemy module be after you with tanks, ambulatory AA, strike fleets including carriers and battleships. Fend of the dangers and man cordial bombers to their targets.
When you hear the air-raid siren (torpedo) bombers are comming in for your traveler and you better move or you module hit no locate to go!
Watch the radio communications: ships, man pilots, cell commanders, lookouts, recon planes and compounds crapper call for support or give vital aggregation on the field situation.
What’s newborn in this version:
Indication when flooded version not enabled more clear.
Fixed art fault in board / torpedo wakes, which strength hit caused more serious issues with whatever drivers on whatever devices.
Fix FC on uphold in whatever situations
Fix FC on whatever FIMG-3DSE GPU’s (galaxy 3 A.O.) and whatever TEGRA devices
Research modify regarding ‘green’ issue
Timing of sorties launched by carriers more balanced
If a traveler is unsuccessful it’s planes module run discover of fuel.
Fix halt after crashing in resumed mettlesome (sleep mode etc.).
Fix cordial AI a.c. eternally circling (can ease verify long before land if traveler busy).
Aircraft land level for flooded version games increased
Fix intercommunicate land issue
Gameplay tweaks
Added admittance to Help, Manual and market
Gameplay balancing



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