Say Cheese Camera v1.5.3c Apk Android

Requirements: for Android version 2.2 and higher
Overview: Say Cheese is a camera application with innovative voice recognition and response features. This camera app is heavy on useful photographic tools and includes onboard help.

Snap your photos four ways: 1) Normal Click that responds with voice according to settings 2) Long press for a quick snapshot 3) Ask the camera to take a picture 4) Stealth Mode.

Voice recognition does not clutter your camera with the big dialog visible in most voice recognition apps. Say Cheese Camera is loaded with cool features like the voice
countdown timer and the stealth mode for taking secret photos. Uploading to Facebook is a breeze with the unique batch uploader and you can even generate a Facebook rainSlide automatically from the upload screen.

Other features include a zoom anywhere preview, support for content handlers like Google Goggles and photo editing apps. Immediate feedback forms make it easy to contact the developer right from
your phone.

With Say Cheese, you will be surprised by the responses you will attract from a talking camera. Even
customize your own responses for insults or compliments. Have fun!

Live Frames support for framing and adding special effects to your photos. Live Frames
packages are available as separate installs.

Visit the Say Cheese landing site for a
complete description, list of features and even videos.

accessories from the InApp Store. They just plug right into Say Cheese.

We have live frames and textures for Say Cheese. Just buy any addon and Say Cheese will
install it like a game plugin. Then when you take a picture, frame your target with cool frames and surface textures. It's fun! And Say Cheese saves two snapshots. One framed and one original.

Recent changes:

Exiting now closes the process completely eliminating any memory, service or battery leaks.

Rotates photo to match camera rotation for portrait shots.

InApp Shopping for Addons. Get cool accessories for your Say Cheese App.

Hardware return button takes you out of stealth mode.

Faster Voice Response after Snapshot.

Hardware return button acts like photo save button.

Frame existing photos from Zoom View.

shutter sound on/off option (user requested)

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