Sense ADW Theme HD 1.5.0 (v1.5.0) Android Apk

Sense ADW Theme HD v1.5.0
Req: Android 1.6+
Overview: Theme with more than 1200 icons in HD and we updated

ADWLauncher LauncherPro
ADW.Launcher, beyond tweaking your android desktop
Opensource home replacement app
-Customizable application drawer (old one or iphone/galaxy one)
-Customizable drag&drop action buttons
-Unveil the Dockbar flicking-up the app-drawer button and drop UNLIMITED shortcuts/folders!
-Read the changelogs and the application blog.
-To change your screen configuration, press Menu/Edit while at the desktop
-To create your own app drawer launcher button just press Menu/Add/Launcher Actions/Open app drawer
-Be polite, this is a free app


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