Setting Profiles Full v1.1.1F

Requirements: Android OS 1.5+
Overview: An Android application that allows you to:

  • Maintain settings profiles
  • Manually activate profile permanently or temporarily
  • Multiple profile capable
  • Automatically activate profiles based on battery conditions, locale, or rules
  • Automatically start programs or tasks
  • Manage wirelesscommunications and display to save battery and increase power life
  • Control volume for media, mp3, notifications, and phone ringer
  • Set ringtones, touchtones and vibrate
  • Autopilot Airplane mode, Toggle Network, Wifi, Ringer, Bluetooth, Brightness, Silent, Screen Timeout
  • Conditions for Time, Day, Location GPS, Battery, Calendar, Incoming Call, Missed Call, Headset, Car/Desk Dock, Unread
  • SMS/Text, Scheduled Period
  • Convenient 1×1 home widget
  • Notification Bar

What's in this version:
Added support for Locale plugins (need to install SP Locale Plugin Adapter from market)
Added green chip highlighting for currently active location
Added ahead start and delayed finish for CalendarCondition
Added Touchdown calendar support
Added Lockscreen on/off preference
Fixed 'Selected app can not be monitored' restriction for most of the apps.
Fixed not restoring logical operation for some conditions after SP restarted
reboot after upgrade

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