Steinkraft v0.2 Full

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Dig it!

Steincraft is a game that places the player into a world made of blocks. Blocks can be removed by digging them and new blocks can be placed nearby other blocks. New worlds can be generated and are automatically saved. Existing worlds can be loaded. In its current state it is similar to the creative mode of Minecraft. A desktop version (for Windows) can be downloaded here (free):

- Use the two virtual analog joysticks on the bottom of the screen to move around and rotate your view.
- Press the circle on the top right to switch between dig- and put-mode.
- Tap the circle below it to jump.
- Press the button centered on top to go back to the menu (progess gets saved).
- Tap the texture on the top left to show the texture selection overlay.

You transfer worlds between computer and Android phone by mounting your Android phone as USB-Storage device and copying "WorldX.dump" files between the Steinkraft-Folder of your computer and "/sdcard/Steinkraft" on your Android phone.

Currently implemented features include:
- Procedurally generated terrain.
- Simple lighting and shadows.
- Clouds and sea surrounding the worlds.
- Digging and placing new blocks.
- World saving/loading (across platforms).

Planned features for updates are (not implemented yet):
- Pause/Resume on Android.
- Multiplayer
- TNT (Explosives)
- Crafting
- Pigs and carts

More Info:
Download Instructions:

com.andreschnabel.steinkraf…zip (1,24 MB) -


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