TuneWiki – Lyrics with Music

TuneWiki is a music application that provides lyrics with all of its songs and introduce itself as a new social networking Music Discovery. It is an award-winning social music player for mobile phones and having one of the largest legally-licensed lyrics database in the world.
The app connects with music-on demand service Rhapsody as well as radio stations from Slacker and Shoutcast and videos from YouTube. It displays the lyrics of songs you’re listening to. It does the same for music already stored on your phone.
The newly updated “discover” function is very innovative and exclusive. It brings up a map which shows songs being listened to through TuneWiki around you. You can find and follow music listeners with similar tastes, adding people from Facebook and Twitter.

Whenever anybody listens to a new song, the track will appear in your SongBox tab where you can listen to song previews, listen to music videos and buy tracks.
- You are able to comment on songs played in your network and see what others are saying about your music.
- Song ID with synced lyrics! Discover the song and artist of songs you don’t know.
- Create, manage, and edit playlists
- View and edit detailed tag info for artists, albums and songs
- To TW Existing Users, Last.Fm had all apps remove playback functionality but your plays in TuneWiki still scrobble.
Price: Free.


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