etherSMS v2.0.2

Requirements: Android 1.6
Overview: This cross platform application provides messenger-like functionality for Android, iPhone/iPad/iPod, and Blackberry devices as well as SMS text messages in one convenient application.

Tired of paying for all those text messages and monthly service plans? Pay nor more. Download etherSMS and text for FREE between other devices equipped with etherSMS. etherSMS also provide a cloud-based text messaging service that lets you and your friends text to one another with NO additional charges.

Have a tablet device and no texting capability? Worry no more. etherSMS allows you to purchase a phone number for your device for only $2 month. Text to other etherSMS users for FREE while text messages to US/Canada are only 2c. No monthly text plans, you simply pay for what you use. etherSMS operates on any data network available (carrier data plan, WiFi, or hot-spot).

International traveler, you say? Using etherSMS can save you a bundle. Some international texting rates can be as high as $1 per text message and the carriers love to rob us blind. Get yourself an additional phone number for your device and text away.

Features & Highlights :
Provides messaging & texting user experience similar to the native handset application(s).
Cross platform support for Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod/Touch, and Blackberry (coming soon) devices.
Operates on the mobile carrier’s data network, WiFi, or hot-spot.
Completely integrated with your device’s contact/address book.
Notifications integrated into the native handset’s notification and alert mechanisms.
Send and receive messages with other etherSMS users and SMS devices.
Protect your messages from prying eyes with a built-in screen/passcode lock.
Send and receive messages without having to pay expensive international text rates.
Minimize or eliminate your carrier’s text messaging plan.
Get a number for your Android, iPad, or other tablet device for sending and receiving text messages. (At this time, only U.S. numbers are available).
Emoticon support.
Web and phone number links supported.

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