CM9 Theme : Freehand v8

Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview: Completely hand drawn theme for the Theme Chooser in CyanogenMod 9, AOKP etc.

Beautiful, fun and quirky theme drawn completely freehand for Android(TM) 4.0. Brings an organic and dynamic feel to your device!
The first freehand drawn theme for Android 4.0 ... was Freehand CirclesMod. This is my second, acommodating those who don't want circular icons
This is for the Theme Chooser known from for example CM9 and AOKP - the Theme holds special customizations for AOKP.
But you *need* the Theme Chooser, otherwise this app will do nothing.
It's intended for XHDPI devices, though it may also work on HDPI devices running CyanogenMod 9 or AOKP. I have had confirmation that it works and looks good on a Galaxy SII and a Galaxy Note, so that's a good sign But I only have my Galaxy Nexus to test on.
If you have issues or questions, please direct them at ! Communicating via the review section is not a good idea, as I have no way of contacting you. And read the bloody manual
This theme applies via the Theme Chooser.
1. Install this app.
2. Open Android Settings and select Themes.
3. Select the theme and press the "Apply" button.
- You *will* get a message saying "Sorry, this theme is missing assets for your device's screen size". Don't worry, it's ok, just press "Apply anyway".
- You *might* get an error stating that the theme "is improperly compiled". If so, apply the "System" theme, reboot and apply my theme again. Works almost every time.
4. Reboot
Rebooting is important for all the images to apply properly.
Please contact
As an added bonus, when you purchase this theme, you support The Plantation Project. Check out for further info.

What's in this version:
Additions for Plume 4.x
Maintenance release adding tablet support and eliminating the "missing assets" and "improperly compiled" issues. No (intended) visual changes.
Added Google Drive, Google Chrome and Flipboard
Themed the Google Talk notifications
Fixed 2G/2G3G/3G indicators (I hope) - thanks VStreltsov for the heads up :-)
Started on Facebook, icons and notifications first. Too big a project to continue at 10pm :-)

More Info:

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