Alarm Clock Xtreme v3.0a apk

Alarm Clock Xtreme includes options to prevent excessive snoozing and get you out of bed. The alarm clock can even automatically disable when it detects that you're traveling to work or school (uses GPS).
Alarm clock features include:
-unlimited alarms
-repeating alarms
-music alarm clock
-random song alarm clock
-gentle alarm volume ramp up
-math to disable alarm
-minimum speed to disable
-nap alarm with countdown timer
-and much more !!

Recent changes:
Removed permission for GPS and published a plug-in app for minimum speed dismiss method.
Added settings for color theme, alarm screen brightness, and notification icon.
Added new screen for clearing a single snoozed alarm.
Reorganized settings for clearing alarms during snooze into a new "Clear Method" setting.
Added more languages.
Added link to more apps from the settings. Check out our new app, Volume Manager Free!
Numerous bug fixes and other improvements.


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